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4000K Series

4000K Colour Temperature (Warm White) is considered the most neutral colour for lights. Neither too Warm or too Cool, it is perfectly balanced rooms for any room where you need great colour clarity and brightness.

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Bemotion Series

Adjustable Colour LEDs let you set the mood of your home. These lights have a colour temperature range of 2700K to 6500K - Warm White to Cool White (Daylight). They're dimmable too, making them perfect for any room.

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Upgrade to LED Lights

LEDs are Cost Efficient

They consume 90% less electricity than traditional light bulbs and are more efficient than Fluorescent/CFL bulbs.

They last longer, 50,000+ hours, so you won't have to replace them as often - Saving money!

Easy to Install

Being small and compact, our LED lighting products can be installed easily, and anywhere.

Ceilings, under-cabinets, inside cabinets... anywhere you can imagine


LEDs are a new technology made with more eco-friendly processes with non-toxic materials.

Even if you do need to replace them after 50,000+ hours - it won't be a hazard to the environment.

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We are passionate for design and affordability. You rarely see these two things together. We focus on sourcing products with a modern design that we would use in our own homes.