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What is Colour Temperature? Which one is the best one?

An incandescent bulb with warm light

What is Colour Temperature?

Remember the old incandescent light bulbs back in the day? They always had a orange/yellow glow. Then fluorescent bulbs became more widespread, their blue-ish white colour illuminating garages, kitchens, and workshops at home. Their colour was closer to white than the older bulbs. Both of those bulbs would be called "white" though, the incandescent would be a "warm white" and the fluorescent bulb would be a "cool white". How can they both be white, yet look so different? It is because they have different colour temperatures.

Colour temperature is a way to measure and label the colour of light from a light souce, like lamps and bulbs. It is measured in Kelvin (K). When we talk about the colour temperature of light bulbs, it generally goes from 2700K (Warm White) to 6500K (overcast Daylight). Some lights, like our Bemotion Series, allow you to adjust the colour temperature to whatever you need.

Indoor lighting

Why is Colour Temperature important?

Think back again to those rooms with the Warm White incandescent bulbs. Resembling candlelight, or light from a fireplace, those rooms had a relaxed ambiance, and everything lit with the light had a yellowish colour cast on them.

Now think of rooms that used fluorescent lights, with their cold blue lighting. Offices, bathrooms, retail shops... places where you actually do things. These rooms' lighting invoke more energetic feelings. Places where you want to see things clearly, like at a workbench, or your desk.

Different Colour temperatures bring out different feelings and moods for human beings, and that's why colour temperature is important. With the right colour temperature for your room, you can determine how you should feel inside it.

Colour Temperature Chart

How do I pick the correct Colour Temperature?

It isn't an exact science but there is still some science that can help you pick the correct lighting to use for a room. Human Centric Lighting is a scientific field that studies the effects of light and their colour on the human body. Basically, our bodies react differently to different coloured lights. Warm lights can help us relax, while Cold lights can help us focus.

Our Warm White 4000K and Bemotion series of LED lights can help you set the mood and purpose of your living spaces.

The Warm White 4000K colour temperature is considered one of the more neutral colours of white. It provides a good clarity of colour, meaning colours will be clearer and closer to their actual appearance. It does not stimulate your eyes as much as light at a higher colour temperature.

The Bemotion Series is our advanced LED lighting system that lets you manually adjust the brightness and colour temperature from 2700K (Warm White) to 6500K (Daylight). LED bulbs let you accurately set the temperature exactly the way you want, when you want it. You can completely transform the setting of a room quickly with the Bemotion Series.

Which light is right for me?

As you can see, it entirely depends on the room and its purpose.

The Warm White 4000K Light is great for:

  • Bathrooms; you would benefit more from the neutral colour and clarity here;
  • Offices;
  • Kitchens;
  • Garages;
  • Workshops.

The Bemotion Series is great for:

  • Living rooms; make it truly a multipurpose room;
  • Kitchens; go for preparing food to serving food from the same room;
  • Bedrooms; set the right mood before going to sleep.

For any room in the house, there is the perfect light available, see our catalogue.