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LED lights are the future, here's why.

Kitchen lit with LED recessed lighting in a Cold White colour.

LED Lighting - Evolution of Home Lighting

LED Lights have gone mainstream. It is cost effective, energy efficient, and the modern method of lighting. How can we make such a bold claim?

Tech enthusiasts have already gone head first into using LEDs in their machines and devices. They are small, powerful, and highly adaptable to any of their applications. Professional filmmakers and photographers have begun using LED lighting in their work. LEDs use less electricity (economical!) and don’t get as hot as their traditional counterparts. Added features like adjustable colours make them an obvious choice for people whose works depend on lighting.


Why is this good for home lighting?

  • More energy efficient — LEDs use up to 90 percent less energy than traditional lighting.
  • Space efficient, they can be very compacy — Add lights to places you never thought you could before. Inside cabinets, smaller closets, under the cabinets and shelves, etc.
  • Good for the environment. LEDs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours, this means you don’t have to change them as often as traditional light bulbs, which means less waste!.
  • Adjustable Colour Temperatures — Some LED lighting allows you to change the light’s colour. Set the mood and purpose for any room.
  • LED lights won’t burn out instantly like traditional bulbs. After a long time they will slowly lose their brightness.

Warm white coloured lights brightening a kitchen counter

I’m sold! How can I make use of LED lights?

Any room you can think of! The possibilities are endless. Their small size make them ideal for any room in the home.

  • Lights on as soon as you walk through a door. Place a set of our motion sensor lights by doors and instantly illuminate a room or closet.
  • Use spotlights as accent lighting to highlight photos or other memorabilia.
  • Install under the kitchen cabinets — enough light to prepare food without lighting up the whole kitchen.
  • Have multiple sets of light in the same room, turn them all on for maximum brightness, or only use one or two for less brightness.
  • Reduce strain on your eyes by adding bias lighting, or backlights, to your TV screens.

Wedge Lights can act as accent lights, focusing on a particular item or feature.

What else can I do with LED lights?

As mentioned before, we have lights equipped with a motion sensor, making it easy to turn on and off. Remote controlled lights let you adjust brightness and colour temperature from anywhere in a room, giving you total control while you relax on your couch or from your desk.

Different Colour Temperatures evoke different moods

Which colour temperature should I choose?

Lucky for you, we wrote a whole article about this here. But in short, warm coloured lights match the light outside when it is later in the day, this signals to our bodies that it is time to get comfortable and begin relaxing. Cold coloured lights (bright, blue-is) match the colour outside in the middle of the day, this makes us more alert. Choose warm coloured lights for rooms with a calming or relaxed mood, and choose cold coloured lights for rooms where you would be working, the office, cellars, garages.

Bemotion Series - Adjustable Colour Temperature

How about multi-purpose rooms?

Our Bemotion Series have adjustable colour temperatures which means you can install them once and alter the room’s lighting in an instant.

Great to create multi-purpose rooms.

  • Working from home in the living room? Switch to cold light to concentrate on your work. When it gets later in the day, slowly change the light towards the warm end and be ready to relax after working.
  • Use cold temperature light in the kitchen while making dinner, then switch to a warm light for a romantic mood.
  • Dim the lights in the bathroom at night, memory functions will save the previous brightness so you won’t jolt yourself awake later at night.

If you have any questions about our lights or how to use LEDs in general you can contact us. Browse our catalog for more info!